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Je ziet er uit als een exceptioneel slim lid van het menselijk ras. Het type dat tijd en geld bespaart om zoveel mogelijk plezier te maken. Hebben we het juist? Dan hebben we de perfecte uitvinding voor jou gedaan. Het heet Joylent, en het is heerlijk eten in poedervorm. Door enkel water toe te voegen en even te mixen creëer je de meest lekkere en voedzame maaltijd shake die er is! Alle voedingsstoffen in een lekkere shake! Voordelig, gezond, makkelijk en lekker.

verpakkingslabel met voedingswaarden in ingredient informatie (pdf)

gezond, snel, voordelig en lekker

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If you don't like oatmeal this is not for you

Alright, I was fascinated by the idea of a whole meal in one drink, and since I'm a completionist I ordered one of every regular taste available. So here are my thoughts about it:
First of all...


Add some fruit and/or milk

I tried a few soylent-flavours. Chocolate, strawberry, banana, and vegan chocolate.

-The banana is my favourite, the flavour is just good and the structure is smooth.
-Strawberry tastes okayish,...


This is the future

I've been looking for a product like this since I saw Bachelor Chow in Futurama.
This is a great substitute for a regular meal when it's raid night.


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Can't choose? Get creative. #twennybar
Thanks paps.
See more reviews at http://j.mp/2kPK6ar #jimmyjoy #plennyshake #twennybar #clicketyclick

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A couple of words from our CEO Sam about the name change

New year. New Goals. New Name.

This past year we had a lot of fun and overcame a lot of obstacles. Instead of trying to sell as much as possible, we focused on product quality and operational excellence. For example: to cater all of our customers in 86 countries across 5 continents who order a meal of Joylent every 12 seconds, we upscaled the capacity of our inhouse production to over 5.500 bags daily (up from 1.200 at the beginning of 2016).


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How to set a World Record the smart and easy way

Joylent is here to help you reach great heights.

Human life is way too short to waste time on meaningless achievements. We’re meant to reign supreme. To reach far away galaxies, climb soaring mountains, rank high in online Call of Duty rankings and, most of all, set world records for doing dumb stuff. While that may seem impossible at first, it’s do-able. If you know the tricks, that is. Here’s a Joylent guide to setting weird...

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Joylent is here to help you with your New Year's Resolutions

So you’re switching things up a bit in 2017? Great plan, you’re worth it. New Year’s resolutions make up the easy first step to becoming a better person. Now, actually doing it is where it gets hard.* How can a life loving individual eat healthier, spend less money, sport harder and be a nicer person all at the same damn time? Seems impossible. Unless, of course, you use Joylent to help you.

Eat healthier

Healthy eating is like...

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