Plenny Shake gives you perfect nutrition without any effort. Mix powder with water to create a nutritionally complete meal that your engine can run on for hours. An affordable and nutritionally complete meal that can be prepared in under a minute (€0,94 per 400 Kcal meal). It saves you time, effort and money so you can start doing all the things you love! 

Plenny Shake contains 100% of the European Union's recommended daily intake of nutrients (RDI) to ensure you don't deprive your body of what it really needs.

What is Plenny Shake made from?

Made from real food. Plenny shake contains a carefully chosen mix of ingredients including proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy. They are sourced from oats, soy, flaxseed, and milk, while real flash dried fruit powder makes for that awesome taste. Finally, we added a custom blend of 27 essential vitamins and minerals to make it all complete. You’re welcome, body.

packaging label with nutrition and ingredient information (pdf)


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OatGreat source of slowly-digesting carbohydrates and fibre! Also rich in vitamin B6.


WheyHighly available, delicious protein, with added BCAA’s for a full amino acid profile!


VitaminJimmy Joy's custom vitamin and mineral bomb! Mixed with maltodextrin for additional carbohydrates, aka ENERGY!


FlaxseedYet another great source of fibre and omega - 3 (ALA) fatty acids.


FruitThe secret behind Plenny Shake! This is why our fruit flavors taste so real!


CacaoThe additional touch to Plenny Shake Chocolate flavor!


SoyFull fat, roasted soy! Rich in healthy, omega - 3 and 6 vegetable fats, and full of protein! Also a great source of fiber and zinc!

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