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Zero effort, 20% nutrition per bar that you can sink your teeth into. We’ve packed all that goodness of the Plenny shake into a convenient bar. They’re about twice as heavy (102 gram) as other meal replacement bars on the market and contain 387 kCal. That makes the Twennybar an actual meal, not a snack. Affordable and nutritionally complete meal for on the go. It lets you save time, effort and money and start doing all the things you love!

Every bar contains 20% of the European Union's recommended daily intake of nutrients (RDI) to ensure you don't deprive your body of what it really needs.

What is Twennybar made from?

Twennybar contains a mix of ingredients including proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy. They are mainly sourced from a blend of oats, coconut oil for the fats, milk powder (protein), while real cocoa and vanilla powder make for that awesome taste. Finally, we added a custom blend of 27 essential vitamins & minerals to make it all complete. You’re welcome, body.

packaging label with nutrition and ingredient information (pdf)

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Plenny Shake Coconut + Plenny Shake Wakeup = your dose of Monday morning sunshine. What’s your #MondayWakeup?
No nuts, no glory. Have a glorious Sunday, everyone. #SundayPunday
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3 Years Old!

Tomorrow is our company’s birthday! Time to get to know some members a little better by asking them 3 special questions. To make it more interesting, we visualized all of their intriguing answers.  

What’s your spirit animal?
What’s your best talent in this business?
What’s your best useless talent? 

Rinaldo - Marketing Communication

Thinking (asking too many questions)
Table Tennis

Szabina - Operations...

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Join the club!

Are you curious AF? Got excellent taste buds? Have so much spare time because of using our products you have time left to help us out? Then we hereby invite you to join our new project: the Jimmy Joy test club.

So, our new food technologist isn’t only a star in acting all crazy at the office, he’s also really good in what he’s actually getting paid for: developing new flavours. We love the experiments he made us drink, but we...

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A couple of words from our CEO Sam about the name change

New year. New Goals. New Name.

This past year we had a lot of fun and overcame a lot of obstacles. Instead of trying to sell as much as possible, we focused on product quality and operational excellence. For example: to cater all of our customers in 86 countries across 5 continents who order a meal of Jimmy Joy every 12 seconds, we upscaled the capacity of our inhouse production to over 5.500 bags daily (up from 1.200 at the beginning of 2016)....

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