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Plenny Shake gives you optimized nutrition with zero effort. An affordable and nutritionally complete meal that can be prepared in under a minute (€2,50 per 886 kcal meal). It lets you save time, effort and money and start doing all the things you love.

Take it before, during and after exercise. Plenny Shake Sport supports your energy level, stimulates muscle growth, and helps with the recovery of your muscles after physical exercise. You'll get an extra big bag (656 grams) filled with the right carbohydrates and protein contents. Our Sport edition supports your sporty needs and contains the same beautiful vitamins and minerals as regular Plenny Shake!

Plenny Shake is based on the European Union's recommended daily intake of nutrients (RDI) to ensure you don't deprive your body of what it really needs.

What is Plenny Shake Sport made from?

Made from real food. Plenny Shake Sport contains a carefully chosen mix of ingredients including a proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy. They are sourced from oats, soy, ground flaxseed, milk protein, while real flash dried fruit powder makes for that awesome taste. Finally, we added a custom blend of 27 essential vitamins & minerals, creatine monohydrate(5g per bag), beta-alanine (2g per bag), Acetyl L-carnitine(1g per bag), glucosamine sulphate(1,5g per bag) You’re welcome, body.

packaging label with nutrition and ingredient information (pdf)

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How not to die when climbing mountains 101↓⠀
1. Bring sleeping bag to keep from freezing⠀
2. Bring water to keep from dehydration⠀
3. Bring Plenny Shakes and Twenny Bars for incredible superhuman strength and energy.⠀
That moment when you had to rush to catch the musical you're dying to see so you didn't have time to eat but the show is about to start so you go to the bathroom to fix yourself a Plenny Shake real quick and you do it looking fabulous.⠀
📷 @celine.joelle ⠀
THE EAGLE HAS LANDED! We recently opened up our American warehouse and we're celebrating with free shipping* for all our Yankee friends! Link in bio to order now✌🏼🇺🇸 ⠀
*for orders of €50 ($61,71) and up, for limited time only! ⠀

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Raspberry Bliss Balls

Since we’re pretty much over this whole ‘winter-thing’, we thought we’d take a head start on spring by creating a fresh and fruity new flavor that instantly makes us feel like the sun is out and the leaves are green: Raspberry!

With just water or (plant-based) milk our new Limited Edition Plenny Shake Raspberry is a perfectly nutritious and filling breakfast or lunch, but if you really want to have a go at it and...

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As of today we’re fully operational with our brand new warehouse in Los Angeles. Not only are we by far the most affordable future food in the US market right now, but we’re also throwing in faster and FREE* shipping in the whole month of March!

Due to our recent shipping increase from Amsterdam > Canada we are now also exploring LA > Canada shipping possibilities. We kindly ask our Canadian friends for a little bit more...

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Food & travel: a horrible combination (without Jimmy Joy)

Traveling is great! You can enjoy foreign climates, see beautiful mountains and meet amazing people. Or amazing animals, in case you’re an introvert. There can also be some horrific sides to traveling though. Especially when it comes to food. We’ve got some examples for you.


On long flights you will usually be offered a proper looking meal, but there’s hardly enough arm room for you to eat it without planting your elbows...

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