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Most insane Joylent Stats 2016

2016 has been another crazy year for us. The third one in a row, to be exact. We delivered a huge amount of Joylent all around the planet and by doing so, we did our fair share of spreading joy to the world. To give you an impression, we’ve gathered the most mind boggling stats about last year. This was our 2016 in a bunch of numbers:

13612 emails were sent by our customer service this year. They were kind of shocked when they saw that number.

85 different countries received Joylent this year. That’s about 43% of the total amount of countries in the world!

15500 kilometers (9630 miles) to French Polynesia was our farthest shipment to date. For fun, check out this map:

1250 games of ping pong have been played in our office. Data on who won the most games is skewed.

10 on a scale of 10! That’s what we give you guys and girls because we love you whatever year it is.

Have a great 2017!