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About Joylent

Here at Joylent we create food from the future. All of our products contain all nutrients a human body needs, while saving money, effort, time and space. Basically, Joylent’s all about less hassle and more fun! We all like to have a little fun, right?

Let’s go back in time for a bit. Joylent started a little less than two years ago, in 2014, when founder Joey van koningsbruggen’s experimented with powdered foods in his bedroom. Shortly after he found the perfect formula he started Joylent. Everybody wanted to try it and shortly after that he had to move his business to a proper warehouse. Joey teamed up Sam Rohn, a young ambitious entrepeneur with a firm belief in the idea of modern food. Pretty soon they had a bunch of their friends working for them, building what is Joylent today: A kickass brand that provides in health, space and time, so you can focus on fun stuff.


Let’s be honest, eating can be a social thing. Sometimes it can be great to have a long dinner with friends and family. However, most meals are not. They’re a time consuming hassle. This is where Joylent comes in. Joylent is the most healthy, efficient, tasty and complete way to fuel yourself whenever a meal is getting in the way of life. With less than €2,- a meal it’s also a hell of a lot cheaper than normal food.

Anyway, we’re committed to feeding the world in a responsible, healthy way, while providing everybody with more time and space to have more fun. After all, everybody likes to have a little fun, right?

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